Transfer your aircraft registration through myCASA


Aircraft owners can now transfer any aircraft registration online using myCASA, thanks to recent upgrades.

A photo of the tail of an aircraft, with the registration number VH-2AB

Last year, we introduced the ability for individuals to easily transfer aircraft registration to other individuals online using myCASA, and now this function is available to organisations too.

The change streamlines the transfer process for aircraft owners, and for CASA.

Authorised representatives from organisations can log in to myCASA and transfer aircraft registration to individuals or other organisations without having to download, complete and submit a form.

Your aircraft registration and identifying details will already be in the system, meaning you don’t need to provide them again. This significantly speeds up the process and means less potential for errors.

Please note you will need to submit completed forms to change or cancel your aircraft registration or to appoint or cancel a registered operator.

Aircraft owners with reserved registration marks can also now apply to re-reserve their registration up to 2 weeks before their registration expires. The new form is available on the CASA website.

Online version available at:
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