Three new CASA-verified drone safety apps available now


We haveĀ been working with developers to launch 3 new drone safety apps for recreational and commercial drone operators in Australia.

Drone safety apps

The new apps joining our expanding range are AEROphoria, Curo and ylobe.

All 3 new CASA-verified apps are easy to use, giving users location-based information about where you can and can't fly your drone according to aviation legislation.

'With more drones in the sky than ever before, drone safety apps are a vital tool for all operators when taking flight as they clearly identify restricted airspace, controlled and uncontrolled airports, marine parks, obstacles, and danger zones,' Paul Hibberd, Emerging Technologies and Regulatory Change Branch Manager said.

Not only do the apps show where it's appropriate to use your drone, they can also help commercial operators with planning, getting an airspace authorisation near a controlled aerodrome, and conducting and recording their operations.

'With 12 CASA-verified drone safety apps now available through our website, drone operators have more choice in the apps on offer, so they can use the one that suits them best', Mr Hibberd said.

All CASA-verified drone safety apps link to CASA's RPAS digital platform. This platform delivers the safety information to the third-party apps so it is consistent and up to date.

All drone operators are encouraged to check a CASA-verified drone safety app before taking flight to access accurate information about where they can and can't fly.

Online version available at:
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