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XNZ Aircraft Register 1 12D40 A2-575 AT-6D Australia Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION INC Piston Power Driven Aeroplane PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT R-1340-AN-I T6 United States of America WHOROULY Vic
SSY Aircraft Register 1 3D40 Australia CA-28C COMMONWEALTH AIRCRAFT CORP Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD Piston Power Driven Aeroplane PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT R-1340 WHOROULY ZZZZ Vic
SDU Aircraft Register 1 3A21 Australia CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS IO-550-P2B PHC-J3YF-1RF/F7691 Piston Power Driven Aeroplane T210 T210M TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS United States of America WHOROULY Vic
PFO Aircraft Register 1 23E50 ALLISON GAS TURBINES Australia CURTISS WRIGHT CORPORATION Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD P40 P40N-5-CU Piston Power Driven Aeroplane United States of America V-1710-111 WHOROULY Vic
LUI Aircraft Register 1 24D-50 Australia Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD NORTH AMERICAN AVIATION, INC. P51 P51D 20NT PACKARD ENGINE MANUFACTURING Piston Power Driven Aeroplane United States of America V-1650-7 WHOROULY Vic
HID Aircraft Register 12-A 2 22D30-313 Australia Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD L12 LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT R-985-AN-14B United States of America WHOROULY Vic
FID Aircraft Register 2 2D30 A-765 Australia BE18 BEECH AIRCRAFT CORP D18-S Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD Piston Power Driven Aeroplane PRATT & WHITNEY AIRCRAFT R-985 United States of America WHOROULY Vic
CMC Aircraft Register 1 ABAA-4 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline M74DM-0-60 O-320 Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SENSENICH PROPELLERS T-18 T18 TEXTRON LYCOMING WHOROULY Vic
BJX Aircraft Register 1 AIRCRAFT NOT FITTED WITH PROPELLER ALLISON GAS TURBINES AMT HELICOPTERS PTY LTD AMT OH-58A Australia B06 Full Registration Kerosene NOT APPLICABLE Rotorcraft T-63A-700B Turboshaft United States of America VR507 WHOROULY Vic
AIN Aircraft Register 1 23E50 ALLISON ENGINE COMPANY Australia CURTISS WRIGHT CORPORATION Full Registration Gasoline HAMILTON STANDARD P40 P40N5CU Piston Power Driven Aeroplane United States of America V 1710 WHOROULY Vic
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