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CASA.145.0244 Maintenance organisation  A1 A2 Air Conditioning and Pressurisation Australia Auto Flight Systems B1 B2 Beech 1900 (PWC PT6) Beech 300 Series (PWC PT6) C1 C12 C13 C14 C16 C17 C18 C19 C2 C20 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 Cessna 525 (Williams FJ 44) Cessna 525/525A (Williams FJ 44) Cessna 525B (Williams FJ 44) Cessna 525B/C (Williams FJ 44) Cessna 525C (Williams FJ 44) Cessna 550/551/560 (PWC JT15D) Cessna 550/560 (PWC PW530/535) Communications and Navigation D1 D2 DC3 Doors and Hatches Electrical Power Engine and APU system products Equipment and Furnishings ESSENDON FIELDS Fairchild SA226 (Honeywell TPE331) Fairchild SA227 (Honeywell TPE331) Flight Control systems Fuel Systems Honeywell TPE331 Hydraulic Systems Instruments Landing Gear Systems Learjet 31 (Honeywell TFE731) Learjet 35/36 (Honeywell TFE731) Pneumatic Systems Propellers Protection Ice/Rain/Fire PWC PT6 Structural Repairs and Modifications Windows Vic
CASA.145.0021 Maintenance organisation  A1 A2 Australia B1 B2 Beech 1900 (PWC PT6) Beech 300 Series (PWC PT6) C-212 (Honeywell TPE331) C14 C20 C5 C6 C7 C8 Electrical Power Engine and APU system products Equipment and Furnishings Fairchild SA226 (Honeywell TPE331) Fairchild SA227 (Honeywell TPE331) Flight Control systems Grumman G73 (PT6) Jetstream 31/32 (Honeywell TPE331) Landing Gear Systems MOUNT ISA Structural Repairs and Modifications Qld
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