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AvSafety pilot seminar - Ballarat Event BALLARAT Face to face AvSafety pilot seminar Vic Pilots Training organisations
PAUL BESELER PTY LTD Remotely Piloted Aircraft certificate holders Aerial Work BALLARAT Vic
H STUDIOS PTY LTD Remotely Piloted Aircraft certificate holders Aerial Work BALLARAT Vic
Luke Ronald PARKER Remotely Piloted Aircraft certificate holders Aerial Work BALLARAT Vic
Dr K Lam Aviation medical contact Aerodrome operators Australia BALLARAT DAMEs for Overseas Flight Crew Licensing Authorities Hong Kong South Africa United States of America Air traffic controllers Aircraft operators Cabin crews Delegates Manufacturers Sports aviators Vic Drone operators Maintenance engineers and organisations Medical examiners Passengers Pilots Shippers & freight forwarders Training organisations
NKK Aircraft Register 1 AIRCRAFT NOT FITTED WITH PROPELLER Australia BALLARAT Full Registration Gasoline H11NM IO-540-AE1A5 NOT APPLICABLE Piston R44 R44 II ROBINSON HELICOPTER CO Rotorcraft TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America Vic
Dr K Y LAM - V421 - BALLARAT Vic Aviation medical contact (DAMEs) Australia BALLARAT DAME DAME2 Vic
XPN Aircraft Register 1 A17SW AIR TRACTOR, INC. AT-502A AT50 Australia BALLARAT Full Registration HARTZELL PROPELLER INC. HC-B4TN-3C Kerosene Power Driven Aeroplane PRATT & WHITNEY CANADA, INC. PT6A-140AG Turboprop United States of America Vic
XHU Aircraft Register 1 A00009CH Australia BALLARAT CIRRUS DESIGN CORPORATION Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS IO-550-N68B PHC-J3YF-1RF Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SR22 SR22 TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS United States of America Vic
XPH Aircraft Register 1 2A34C203 3A17 Australia BALLARAT C172 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration Gasoline IO-360 (CONTINENTAL) MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Piston Power Driven Aeroplane R172K TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS United States of America Vic
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