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Calvin Wesley DILLON Remotely Piloted Aircraft certificate holders Aerial Work SARINA Qld
SML Aircraft Register 1 172N 3A12 76EM8SPY-0-60 Australia C172 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration Gasoline LYCOMING  O-360-A4M Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SARINA SENSENICH PROPELLERS United States of America Qld
NDN Aircraft Register 1 912 ULS A-22LS AEROPRAKT LTD. AP22 Australia BOMBARDIER ROTAX LTD Full Registration Gasoline Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SARINA Ukraine WARPDRIVE PROPELLERS WHPL 3 Qld
MVC Aircraft Register 1 AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline GII-S-TD GLAS O-320-E2A Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SARINA TED HENDRICKSON TEXTRON LYCOMING WOOD FIXED PITCH H68 F74 Qld
MMW Aircraft Register 1 175A 1B175 3A17 Australia C175 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration Gasoline GO-300 MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SARINA TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS United States of America Qld
IJE Aircraft Register 1 400C AMATEUR BUILT AIRCRAFT Australia Full Registration Gasoline IO-540 Piston Power Driven Aeroplane PTSS SARINA STEFFENS PITTS S1-11B TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America WHIRL WIND AVIATION, INC. Qld
HGQ Aircraft Register 1 A4CE Australia B3D36C432/80VSA-1 Full Registration Gasoline Gympie LYCOMING  MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SARINA T206 T206H TEXTRON AVIATION INC. TIO-540-AJ1A United States of America Qld
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