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E Eye Place Newing & Co Aviation medical contact Aerodrome operators Australia Optec 900 SHELLEY Western Australia Air traffic controllers Aircraft operators Drone operators Maintenance engineers and organisations Medical examiners Passengers Pilots Shippers & freight forwarders Training organisations
NAN Aircraft Register 1 2A3 Australia Full Registration Gasoline HARTZELL PROPELLERS HC-C2YK-1BF IO-360 (LYCOMING) JANDAKOT M20J M20P MOONEY AIRCRAFT CORP Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SHELLEY TEXTRON LYCOMING United States of America WA
LNX Aircraft Register 2 3AF32C505/82NLA 402C A7CE Australia C402 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY Full Registration Gasoline JANDAKOT MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SHELLEY TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS TSIO-520-VB (CONTINENTAL) United States of America WA
HLS Aircraft Register 2 3A16 3AF32C512 58 Australia BE58 BEECH AIRCRAFT CORP Full Registration Gasoline IO-520 JANDAKOT MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SHELLEY TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS United States of America WA
HCK Aircraft Register 2 340 3A25 Australia C340 CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY D2AF34C71 Full Registration Gasoline JANDAKOT MCCAULEY PROPELLERS Piston Power Driven Aeroplane SHELLEY TELEDYNE-CONTINENTAL MOTORS TSIO-520 United States of America WA
GIY Aircraft Register 1 Australia EASA.A.098 Full Registration Gasoline Germany L 1700 EA LIMBACH FLUGMOTOREN GMBH & CO. KG Motor-Glider MT 150 L 75-1A MT-PROPELLER ENTWICKLUNG GMBH Piston SCHEIBE FLUGZEUGBAU GMBH SF-25C FALKE SF25 SHELLEY WA
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