Summary of consultation guidelines for vertiport design now available


On 31 March 2023, consultation on the draft AC 139.V-01 v1.0 - Guidelines for vertiport design closed.

We created the draft guidelines to provide guidance and information to people designing and constructing vertiports in support of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) operations.

A render of advanced aerial maneuverability (AAM) aircraft landing on a circular landing area

Consultation results

We received 36 submissions on the draft. Common topics for comments included:

  • downwash
  • obstacle limitation surfaces (OLS)
  • requirements for solid Final Approach and Take-off Areas (FATO).

Some responses also commented on issues outside the scope of the draft guidelines and aviation safety.

These comments will either be considered as we develop further guidance and regulatory documents or passed on to the relevant organisation for consideration.

Next steps

We are now working with a range of industry stakeholders both in Australia and overseas including the Vertiport Design and Operations TWG on a framework for AAM landing site infrastructure.

More information

For more information:

Online version available at:
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