Summary of consultation on drone registration amendments now available

Date published: 18 February 2022


A summary of responses to consultation on proposed amendments to drone regulations has been published on the CASA Consultation Hub.

a person flying a drone by the water

CASA facilitated online consultation from 5-18 November 2021 and received 159 responses from individuals and operators.

The proposed amendments, include:

  • changing the date of recreational drone registration and operator accreditation from 1 March 2022 to 1 July 2022
  • aligning the registration term for recreational drones to the same 12-month registration period as commercial drones
  • reinforcing that a person under 16 must be supervised by an accredited adult aged 18 years or over, unless they are flying at a CASA-approved flying site or operating a drone weighing 250 grams or less
  • changing the transitional registration incentive period to follow the new commencement date
  • removing the requirement to register certain aircraft.

The consultation addressed the likely consequence that each drone used for sport or recreation would be subject to a separate registration levy in the future. The Australian Government has not determined the cost recovery model for any proposed levy. The value of any proposed levy will be released in a Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) on the CASA website. It will be open for public consultation before it is finalised, approved and published.

To access the summary of responses, visit the CASA Consultation Hub.

Online version available at:
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