Summary of consultation on BVLOS exam and standards now available


On 17 January 2023, consultation on the proposed aeronautical knowledge standards and exam for beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS) operations outside of controlled airspace closed.

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The new BVLOS exam and standards aim to create an alternative examination pathway for BVLOS operations outside of controlled airspace and is the first step in a broader BVLOS licensing framework.

Consultation results

From the 128 submissions received, 78% of participants responded positively to the new exam, including:

  • around 56% supported the direction CASA is taking
  • 22% supported the exam but suggested changes.

Other feedback we received from respondents included, the new exam:

  • would increase flexibility
  • was likely to ease pain points for industry by reducing administrative burden
  • was a preferred alternate pathway to sitting the instrument rating exam (IREX) for BVLOS operations
  • process should be transparent and not too onerous.


We also asked for feedback on the proposed fee to sit the exam.

Responses were mixed, but some considered the fee to be reasonable compared to the cost of sitting the IREX and the added value of the eased requirements.

The regulatory fee charged by CASA will be $70 per exam (plus any charges set by third-party providers). The purpose of this fee is not to raise revenue but to recover costs in accordance with the Australian Government Cost Recovery Guidelines

Next steps

Following consultation, we are:

  • making changes to the aeronautical standards to improve clarity
  • aiming to release the new exam in the first half of 2023.

More information

For more information:

Online version available at:
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