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What are my obligations as an organisation?

What are my obligations as a DAMP organisation?

Under Part 99 of the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs) organisations that employ SSAA employees and/or contractors and have one of the listed authorisations or certificates that CASA oversights are required to develop and implement a drug and alcohol management plan (DAMP).

While the regulations specifically apply to persons or activities that can directly or indirectly affect the safety of air navigation, it is recognised that organisations may see occupational health and safety benefits in applying their alcohol and other drug programs more broadly throughout their organisation.

Note: While there is a requirement for these organisations to develop and implement a DAMP, CASA does not approve an organisation’s DAMP.

CASA’s Surveillance Plan

CASA’s ongoing surveillance program will review that the appropriate implementation and enforcement of a DAMP is undertaken. This surveillance will include the examination of the processes that underpin your systems and to verify their effectiveness. CASA will not only be reviewing documentation, but also a representative sample of the processes and outcomes produced by that system. The surveillance program consists of operational checks, health checks and system audits.

Operational Checks

All DAMP organisations are also required to report information to CASA twice a year for each of the following periods: 1 March to 31 August and 1 September to 29 February. Please see DAMP Reporting requirements for more information. The information gathered from these will be used to conduct operational checks to give CASA information on possible system failures.

Health Checks

A health check may be performed by any member of the CASA inspectorate when undertaking an audit of an authorisation holder. A health check may focus on one or more of the core elements. The findings of the health check will be reported and analysed as with any other surveillance event.

Systems Audit

These audits are performed by subject matter experts from the Drug and Alcohol Management Plan Oversight Section. Systems audits are scheduled based on the results of operational checks or through information gathered in other CASA surveillance activities.