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Use of NVG in Helicopter Operations - Proposed CAO 82.6 - NPRM 0705OS

Objectives of the proposed CAO 82.6

To enact a discrete rule set and supporting advisory material for Night Vision Imaging Systems – Use of NVG in Helicopters for specific operations. Additionally:

  • Changes must be capable of being implemented;
  • Changes must not result in operators becoming non-compliant;
  • Change must meet equivalent level of safety or higher.

Key proposed changes

  • NVG use as primary means of terrain avoidance will require an Instrument of Approval issued by CASA and will only be available to AOC holders;
  • NVG use will initially be limited to specific types of helicopter operations;
  • Standards developed in relation to initial, recurrency and line training for flight crews for the use of NVG;
  • Standards developed in relation to NVG qualifications and licence requirements for operators and flight crew;
  • Standards developed in relation to aircraft and NVG equipment airworthiness requirements for NVG;
  • Standards developed for the operational use of NVG;
  • CAR 215 direction provided for minimum Operations Manual content;
  • Exemptions granted for specific operations in relation to minimum height for V.F.R. flights at night (CAR174B); and
  • Introduction of a CAAP (174-1) giving comprehensive guidance to meeting the requirement of CAO 82.6 and additional general information on NVG.

How to respond

Comment period now closed.

Additional information

Contact Yvette Lutze or John Beasy, CAO 82.6 Project Leaders


Providing comments

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