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Updated GAAP Changes

GAAP Changes


On 21 July 2009, CASA issued legal directions to Airservices Australia (Airservices) and pilots in relation to General Aviation Aerodrome Procedures (GAAP) at Archerfield, Bankstown, Camden, Jandakot, Moorabbin and Parafield aerodromes.

The directions form part of CASA's ongoing efforts to improve safety at GAAP aerodromes and complement CASA's education and awareness campaign regarding safety and procedures at GAAP aerodromes as recommended by the recent GAAP reviews.

In December 2009 CASA announced a change to the number of aircraft permitted in a GAAP circuit. This increased from six to eight, to be effective from 18 January 2010.

Transition to Class D Airspace

CASA anticipates requiring Class D air traffic services at the six GAAP aerodromes during the hours of daylight by 3 June 2010. The Class D airspace classification will be based on United States Federal Aviation Administration procedures. Changes will be made to align with the AIRAC cycle so that all publications and charts include the new procedures. CASA will undertake an extensive information and education program before the Class D airspace is introduced at GAAP aerodromes.


Increase to eight aeroplanes in the circuit - January 2010

GAAP Changes booklet - December 2009