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Renew flight training authorisation

We will send you a reminder letter with a renewal application form enclosed 90 days prior to the expiry of your existing certificate. This letter will include a cost estimate to renew your certificate. 

If you wish to apply for renewal of your certificate with changes to the activities, refer to the guidance on applying for a significant change/variation (LINK).

Step 1: Completing and submitting the application form

Complete the application form for renewal and submit the signed form with payment to the Client Service Centre - Permission Issue. Processing of your renewal will only commence once we have received your application and payment.

More information on estimate process is available.

Step 2: Review of application

The criteria for renewal are the same as that of an initial issue (LINK). We will review the application to ensure you have answered the relevant questions and provided any documents requested.

If your application is incomplete, we will contact you. An incomplete application, not finalised within a reasonable period, will not be progressed.

If there are any delays to the submission and receipt of your application, we are unable to guarantee completion of your assessment and issue your flight training approval prior to the expiry date of your current certificate.

Step 3: Certificate issue

If approved, your new certificate will be issued during the expiry month. Your certificate will be emailed to you and the original forwarded by mail.

If not approved, you will receive a Notice of Refusal containing advice on your rights to appeal our decision and the time limits for seeking a review in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).