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Professional Development Program

Part 61 PDP Training Module

8 August 2014

In 2013 the Flying Standards Branch delivered PDP regarding CASR Part 61 to all ATOs.

Due to the deferred commencement date for Part 61 to 1 September 2014, an updated PDP has been developed to help current ATOs undertake their flight testing and checking roles from 1 September 2014.

ATOs are requested to complete the Part 61 PDP Training Module prior to 1 September 2014. It is anticipated that the learning modules will take approximately one and a half hours and can be completed over several sessions.

The subsequent series of PDPs will start after 1 July 2015 when the two-year cycle will recommence (CASR 61.1270).

All ATOs (including those operating within Training and Checking Organisations) have been contacted and advised regarding this new Part 61 PDP Training Module, either directly or through their Head of Training & Checking. If you have not received notification, please contact the Flying Standards Branch on 02 8651 3085.

The Part 61 PDP Training Module has been deployed through CASA’s AviationWorx system.

After completing the Part 61 PDP Training Module, ATOs can access completion certificates from the “Completed Activities” menu within AviationWorx.

NOTE: The training module requires Adobe Flash Player, as a result it is not compatible with Apple devices.


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  2. AviationWorx Account Creation Instructions
  3. Part 61 PDP Training Module Access Instructions

For AviationWorx related queries, contact aviationworx@casa.gov.au

For Part 61 and MOS queries, contact flighttesting@casa.gov.au

For Part 61 PDP Training Module and ATO/Examiner queries, contact fsb@casa.gov.au