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Part 66 licence resolution

Please review the Part 66 Questions and Answers section and read the Part 66 MOS and amendment instrument, in particular section 66.5 - definitions, and section 66.A.20 - privileges before submitting Form 539 Part 66 Licence Resolution Form.

Only submit the form if your licence needs resolving and you can demonstrate with reference to your CAR 31 licence privileges that your Part 66 is deficient.

The Part 66 Licence Resolution Form (form 539) is structured to make it easy for LAMEs to report licence deficiencies. LAMEs can list the Part 66 licence details that need to be rectified and provide a reason why the change is needed. For example, if an exclusion has been added incorrectly, the details of the exclusion can be entered on the form including the applicable category/subcategory licence or type rating. An explanation as to why the exclusion should be removed should be added to the form, such as holding particular CAR 31 ratings.

CASA will not be responding to issues that are addressed in the Q&A section. However, wherever possible, a CASA officer will contact the LAME to resolve any cases that require urgent resolution.

LAMEs are asked to email their issues and their forms to the Part 66 licensing team in Maintenance Personnel Licensing. The details are on the form.

If your Part 66 licence:

  • is missing a licence category, subcategory, rating, additional privilege, exclusion or limitation, or
  • includes a rating, additional privilege, exclusion or limitation that should not be on the licence,

please report them to us by submitting the Part 66 licence resolution form.