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Part 66 and working for a CAR 30 organisation

In summary, the maintenance functions you perform will not change when the new regulations come into effect on 27 June 2011.  Amendments to Part 4A of the Civil Aviation Regulations (CAR) will give Part 66 licence holders the necessary permissions. 

One of the main differences between the old and the new regulations relates to the term "licence that covers the maintenance".   This term is used, for example, in CAR 42ZC.  Under Parts 66 and 42, the terminology refers to being permitted to perform maintenance certification after the maintenance has been completed.  However, the same performance requirements for maintenance apply.  The focus for the licence holder is clearly on the responsibility for certification.

Wherever an approved system of maintenance or maintenance schedule calls for an appropriate LAME to carry out maintenance, under the new regulations that person will be the holder of a Part 66 licence.

You will also be given authority to issue maintenance releases if you are entitled to it.  This will be done by a new CASA Instrument of Approval that applies to Part 66 licence holders.  Under Part 42 you would issue a certificate of release to service instead.  The CASA Instrument will permit the holder of a Part 66 licence or appropriate CAR 31B(1) maintenance authority, as the person certifying for the completion of maintenance under CAR 42ZE and 42ZN, to be an authorised person for maintenance release purposes