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Part 141 technical assessor guidance


The Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (CASR) Part 141 Technical Assessor Guidance document is a tool for use by CASA’s technical assessors.

CASR Part 141 is contained in the licensing suite of regulations which commenced on 1 September 2014. Part 141 covers recreational, private and commercial pilot flight training, other than certain integrated courses.

The Technical Assessor document provides guidance for CASA officers on assessing an application for a Part 141 authorisation. It ensures there is a consistent method for assessing compliance with the regulations and documenting the decisions made by CASA.

This guidance is published for reference only, to provide people in the aviation industry with an overview of the technical assessment.

It does not detail the complete assessment process and only focuses on the assessment elements required by the regulations. Further assessment processes may be prescribed outside of this documentation.

The document combines the CASR Part 141 Technical Assessor Handbook and the CASR Part 141 Technical Assessor Worksheet, which is included as Appendix 1.

The worksheet contains the minimum criteria that CASA must consider when making a technical assessment.

CASR Part 141 Technical Assessor Handbook  (updated in March 2016 to align with the introduction of the Part 141 Sample Operations Manual and Guide)

Part 141 Technical Assessor Worksheet

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