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Overview of Part 175


CASR Part 175 commenced 5 March 2015 and the transition period ended 5 March 2016.

CASR Part 175 creates a new standard for ensuring that the integrity and quality of aeronautical data and information is maintained as it is processed through the aeronautical data chain, from data originators, to Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) providers, to commercial data service providers.

The changes under CASR Part 175 for AIS and data service providers considered areas such as the systems used to collect the information and data, the format used for digital exchange or supply, the frequency of sharing, the qualifications of those handling the data, and the process for correction of errors. Among other requirements, aeronautical data originators are responsible for conducting annual reviews of their data that is published in the Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) and on aeronautical charts.

The rules affect:

  • Aeronautical information service providers
  • Data service providers (previous CAR 233 (1)(h) approval holders)
  • Aeronautical data originators
  • Obstacle data providers

CASR Part 175 is available on the ComLaw website.