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Notifying/editing and cancelling flight tests

Why do I need to notify a flight test?

The notification of flight tests and proficiency checks to CASA is required by CASR Part 61.1295(5) and 61.1305(3A) of the Civil Aviation Regulation (1988).

Flight Test Management (FTM) is to be used by all general aviation Flight Examiners, Approved Testing Officers (ATOs), relevant Part 61.040 approval holders as well as CASA flight operations inspectors and flight testing examiners to register a flight test prior to the conducting of any flight test. You must notify us of the flight test at least 24 hours before the flight test is to take place.

This enables us to oversight and monitor flight testing and proficiency checks.

How do I notify a flight test or proficiency check?

Flight examiners will log onto the CASA Self Service Portal and choose the ‘Flight Test Management’ option under the ‘Licence notification’ menu item.

In addition to the flight test type and scheduling details, you will need to enter the name and Aviation Reference Number (ARN) of the individual being tested, the Flight Training Organisation and yourself as the Flight Examiner. The system will check that the Flight Examiner and the individual being tested have the correct qualifications to undertake the flight test.

What if I need to change or cancel information about a flight test?

You can change any of the details for a flight test that you have already notified, including cancelling the flight test if required. Once notified, details of the individual being tested or flight examiner cannot be edited.

You can cancel or edit details through using the search function in the CASA Self Service portal to retrieve the relevant notified test. For example, you can search by the test date, individual being tested name, or ARN or flight test type. Once the relevant flight test has been selected, click the edit or cancel button for that test.

Once an overall flight test result has been confirmed (pass/fail) this cannot be amended by the flight examiner through the portal. The flight examiner should contact the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757 for assistance.

Further instruction on editing or cancelling a flight test can be found in the user guide and eLearning module available as part of our training tools

Can I view, edit or cancel a flight test on behalf of a colleague?

Flight schools or examiners that wish to change or view details for other flight examiners in their organisation should contact the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757. You will need to have all details of the flight test at hand including the individual being tested and the flight examiners name, ARN, flight test type and date.

How do I notify a flight test if I do not have access to the internet?

Flight examiners that do not have internet access should call the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757. You will be put in contact with the Flight Testing Office to make arrangements for notifying flight tests and providing post flight test details.

What if there is a system error or outage of the system?

All scheduled system outages will be scheduled for times that will cause the least disruption to users. If you receive a system error message when logging in or using the FTM system, please:

  • check that a system outage message has not been placed on the FTM landing or log on pages
  • ensure you have sufficient internet signal coverage whilst using the system, particularly if you are in a remote or country area
  • try logging off and then log back in to the system. Resetting your access may rectify any minor technical hitch that is occurring with the portal
  • check that you are using the correct username and password credentials. If your internet coverage is sufficient, check the CASA Self Service website for procedures to reset these details if needed.

If the problem persists after checking these items contact the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757 for further advice.

If you are trying to notify a flight test and the 24 hour notification period is imminent your enquiry will be directed to the Flight Testing Office.

Why won’t the system allow me to enter the date or time I wish to conduct the flight test?

If you are trying to enter a date and time for the flight test that is within the 24 hour notification period, you will get an error message and the system will not let you proceed.

What if I need to conduct a flight test within the 24 hour notification period?

If you are trying to notify a flight test and the 24-hour notification period has passed you should contact the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757.