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Notice of Proposed Rule Making - NPRM 0603OS

Sport and recreational aviation operations - Proposed CASR Part 103

The purpose of this NPRM is to initiate formal public consultation on proposed new Part 103 rules for the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASRs).

CASR Part 103 has been designed to provide a set of ?simple rules for simple aircraft? using criteria that define (limit) the mass, speed, momentum and complexity of those aircraft. Part 103 consolidates, in one set of regulations, all the necessary operating, licensing and maintenance rules for the aircraft it applies to. Whilst containing some essential rules that are administered by CASA - including direct copies of the fundamental operating rules from CASR Part 91 General operating and flight rules - it also details how administering organisations will establish procedures for the aircraft they administer.

Part 103 will also establish a 'parallel pathway' for CASA to administer these activities when individual participants, for whatever reason, choose not to participate as members of an administering organisation.

Because people who engage in sport and recreational aviation are voluntary participants in aviation activities, whereby they have indicated an understanding and acceptance of the risks of participation, sport and recreational aviation activities would attract a lower regulatory priority and intervention by CASA beyond the need to protect the public on the ground and other airspace users from the effects of those activities.

The proposed rules minimise the risks to which the public and other airspace users are exposed, and provide for their administration, to the greatest extent possible, by industry organisations to be authorised under another proposed ruleset: CASR Part 149 Recreational aviation administration organisations. Formal consultation on Part 149 will occur early in the 2nd quarter of 2007.

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Contact Mike Cleaver, CASR Part 103 Project Leader
email mike.cleaver@casa.gov.au