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Media release - Aircraft registrations holders: Check AD status

CASA media release - Tuesday, 23 August 2005
Aircraft registration holders: Check AD status

Aircraft registration holders are being urged to take some simple steps to make sure they continue to receive important Airworthiness Directives.

From September this year CASA is switching over to a new, upgraded regulatory information database.

The Aviation Industry Regulatory System database will help to improve the regulatory services delivered by CASA to the aviation industry.

But, like all information technology upgrades, there will be some unavoidable disruption to normal services for a short while.

The new database will hold all the aircraft registration details of the Australian fleet.

However, it has been designed to work with aircraft registered under the new Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 47.

Right now about half of all 12,400 Australian registered aircraft have been moved across to Part 47 registration.

Others are in the process of moving to the new registration regime, while some aircraft owners have yet to submit an application to CASA for the change.

Those aircraft which remain under the old registration rules will be entered into the new CASA database, but any subsequent changes to information cannot be made easily.

This means that a change of address for a registration holder may not go into the new database after it begins operation in October, unless the registration has been moved to Part 47.

One consequence of this is that important Airworthiness Directives could be sent to an old address – causing an aircraft owner to miss out on information they need.

To avoid this, anyone with an aircraft not yet moved to Part 47 registration should check the CASA web site list of Airworthiness Directives regularly or subscribe to the automatic email service.

Registration holders should also take action to move their aircraft to Part 47 as soon as possible. If your aircraft is already registered under Part 47 you do not need to take any action.

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