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Low-level rating changes flow from feedback


CASA has responded to feedback from the aviation community on new flight review requirements for the low-level rating.

As a result the 12 month flight review requirement for the low-level rating has now been extended to 24 months.

Feedback also indicated concerns with the new requirement to maintain a minimum of two hours of low-level flying over six months.  This requirement has been removed.

Most of the feedback on the low-level rating came from the helicopter industry, which put forward a case to show there were minimal safety benefits from the new requirements while they created administrative difficulties for pilots and air operators.

However, as CASA and the aviation community have identified aerial mustering as a higher risk activity there are recent experience requirements for these operations.

Aerial mustering pilots will be required to have flown a minimum of 20 hours of aerial mustering operations in the preceding 12 months.  If mustering pilots cannot meet this requirement they can complete a flight review, proficiency check or flight test that includes aerial mustering.

The changes to the low-level rating have been made by an exemption to the Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 61.  In due course the regulations will be amended to include the changes.

As a result of feedback CASA also recently made a change to the requirements in Part 61 relating to student pilots.  The new 14 day dual check requirement has been extended to 30 days.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore, said CASA was carefully working through all feedback on the new licensing suite and making adjustments as necessary.

“This is a normal process after a large regulatory change to ensure the new rules are delivering the right safety outcomes without placing an inappropriate burden on the aviation community,” Mr Skidmore said.

“All wisdom does not lie within CASA so we are happy to listen to the views of others and consider if the regulations can be improved.

“Where there are unintended consequences these will be addressed as quickly as we can, recognising we are working with a comprehensive rule set.

“I thank everyone for their feedback, comments and ideas and I will make sure everything is carefully considered.”

CASA has published a summary of the activities underway to review the implementation of the licensing suite.

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