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Legal Branch

Functions of Legal Branch

The Legal Branch provides legal advice to CASA officers and managers, on a broad range of issues. The Legal Branch also coordinates decisions on requests for access to documents under the Freedom of Information Act and responds to Subpoena’s for Production of Documents directed to CASA. The Legal Branch also handles the following type of litigation:

  1. Federal Court litigation namely (i) appeals to the Federal Court from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, (ii) applications for judicial review of CASA decisions, pursuant to the Administrative Decisions (Judicial Review) Act, and (iii) applications by CASA for prohibition orders pursuant to section 30DE of the Civil Aviation Act 1988.;
  2. Applications for review in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. The applications for review of decisions relate to decisions to refuse to issue, to suspend or to cancel civil aviation authorisations. 
  3. Representation of CASA at Coronial inquests into the death of persons in aircraft accidents.

Functions of Legislative Drafting Section

The Legislative Drafting Section is responsible for drafting a range of subordinate civil aviation instruments (legislative and non-legislative) in plain English style. The Section also provides advice and assistance to CASA management on matters related to drafting and statutory interpretation.

Functions of Procurement Section

This section provides specialist support to CASA in relation to procurement. This includes support with contracting through advice and assistance in relation to procurement policy, probity, ethics and fair-dealing and ensuring Value for Money remains the key principle.