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Introduction of Flight Test Management

As part of ongoing efforts to make our system more modern and streamlined for examiners, we have released a new Flight Test Management (FTM) system through the CASA Self Service portal. This replaced the Flight Test Notification System (FTNS).

FTM is a more efficient way of collecting flight test and proficiency check information and will be more user friendly for examiners. The new system is designed to validate your flight examiner rating and associated testing endorsements prior to you notifying a flight test.

What are the advantages of FTM?

The new system allows examiners and CASA to be more effective and efficient in the way flight tests and proficiency checks are managed and monitored.

The new system provides examiners with:

  • a single entry point for examiner and applicant flight test, proficiency checks and endorsement records through the CASA Self Service portal
  • immediate updates to applicant’s and examiner records
  • enhanced searching functionality
  • a more user friendly layout for entering information
  • easy to use drop down menu selections
  • automatic email notifications during the flight examination process to allow examiners and applicants to keep a track of notified flight tests, changes to scheduling, cancellations and when results are completed.

It also replaces some paper-based processes and reduces hard copy paper work requirements.

What are the changes in the new system?

The major steps for conducting a flight test and proficiency check remain the same. However, you access the system through the CASA Self Service portal.

Other differences you will notice include:

  • terminology changes for some flight examination processes
  • some changes to data entry sequence and data field layout
  • automatic email notifications
  • inclusion of the relevant delegations as an endorsement on your online record.

What do I need to do to use FTM?

FTM will be accessed through the CASA Self Service portal. You must have an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) to log on this portal.

If you do not currently use the portal, you can register online.

The system validates your flight examiner rating and associated testing endorsements prior to you notifying a flight test. We encourage you to log on to CASA Self Service portal to check and update your details to prevent any login issues.

Please ensure your examiner rating is correctly annotated with:

  • the correct expiry date* of your examiner rating; and
  • all testing endorsements that have been granted to you.

* the expiry date has been set based off either your examiner proficiency check (EPC) conducted post 1 September 2014 or the date mentioned in the EPC exemption, CASA EX133/16.

If you also hold an Approved Testing Officer (ATO) delegation or a CASR 61.040 approval(s) holder, different reference data will added to your CASA Self Service profile during the coming weeks.

The FTM system is reliant on the accuracy of your qualifications. If your examiner rating is not accurate, your ability to notify a flight test could be affected. Email clarc@casa.gov.au or call 131 757 if you find a discrepancy.

How does the introduction relate to the Flight Examiner Rating Course?

There is no direct link between the introduction of FTM and the Flight Examiner Rating Course (FERC), however all participants in the FERC will receive training on how to use FTM as part of their training.