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How to customise the Part 141 Sample Operations Manual

Step one: accessing a copy

The Part 141 Sample Operations Manual is a template you can modify to build your own operations manual. You can download the Part 141 Sample Operations Manual word document or use the Manual Authoring and Assessment Tool (MAAT) which is a free online tool that does the formatting for you.

Step two: making changes to the manual

You will need a suitable word processor (for example Microsoft Word) in order to modify content in the Part 141 Sample Operations Manual.

Depending on the scope of your organisation, you may be changing different parts of the manual.

Building your operations manual using the Part 141 Sample Operations Manual template is the easiest way for a non-complex flying training organisation to have their application accepted by CASA.

The Part 141 Sample Operations Manual can also be used as a starting point to integrate non-flight training material, or to integrate Part 141 elements into an existing operations manual.

Step three: knowing what to change

The Part 141 Sample Operations Manual Guide explains where you can insert information into the Part 141 Sample Operations Manual template.

You can modify content in the fields indicated in red and enclosed in brackets, typing straight over these fields to replace the default text with your own information.

Other details such as your facilities, aircraft types, personnel and training areas will need to be provided in the specified areas.

Step four: generating your syllabuses

You can choose to adopt CASA’s sample flying training syllabuses in their entirety for your Part 141 training. You can also choose to make amendments to the syllabuses, or develop your own.

If you choose to make amendments or develop your own syllabuses, CASA will need to assess these to ensure they meet the requirements of Part 61.

Step five: checklist

Before you submit your manual to CASA, please make sure you have included all the required information and that the document is formatted correctly. This will help speed up the assessment process.  

Check that you have:

  1. Updated the publication details (for example publication dates, file names and titles).
  2. Inserted the relevant details for your organisation (check to ensure you have inserted the required information. Fields where you can insert your own information are highlighted red and enclosed in brackets).
  3. Made any changes that are required to address the scope and complexity of your operations.
  4. Inserted your flying training syllabuses into Volume 5.
  5. Updated the list of amendments and revision history.
  6. Updated page numbers and footers.
  7. Updated the table of contents.

Step six: submit your manual to CASA

CASA will accept your operations manual as an attached digital file (or through MAAT). You will also need to include the relevant application forms (see instructions for applying for a new flight approval or how to transition to the new rules if you are an operator who conducted flight training activities prior to 1 September 2014).

Applications can be emailed to CASA at regservices@casa.gov.au

If you experience any difficulties in editing the document, please contact our Client Service Centre on 131 757.