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Further help using Flight Test Management

I have entered the correct data into Flight Test Management (FTM) – why can’t I proceed to the next stage?

The FTM system performs a number of checks on the flight examiner and individual being tested qualifications before proceeding through the notification process. If the qualifications for either are incorrect for the flight test nominated, you will not be able to proceed with the notification.

Please log onto the CASA Self Service portal and check that your flight examiner qualifications are correct and current for that flight test type.

You should also check that the details of the individual being tested are correct. This includes checking that they hold the relevant licence, age and flight experience requirements.

If you still cannot proceed, contact the CASA Client Service Centre on 131 757.

I just received an email from CASA about the notification of a Flight Test, do I need to do anything?

The FTM system sends automatic email notifications to both the individual being tested and flight examiner when the test has been notified, changed, or cancelled by the flight examiner in the system. An email notification will also be sent when the result for the flight test has been entered in the system. This makes it easier for participants track any changes.

We recommend you check the details in the email you have been sent are correct. If the details are incorrect, the flight examiner should update the flight test and proficiency check entry in FTM.

Why can’t I find the correct flight test or aircraft type?

All flight tests and endorsements covered by the Flight Test Notification System are available in FTM. Approximately 50 flight test types across aeroplane, helicopter and balloon categories will be notified and managed in the system.

If you are unsure of what flight tests you can perform in a particular aircraft, contact the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757.

The wording and layout of the flight standards (flight test components) in FTM is different – has something changed?

The flight test standards available for each flight test in FTM reflect the most recent version of the Manual of Standards (MOS). If you are still unclear about the relevant standards for each flight test contact the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757.

How do I get access or help to use the CASA Self Service portal?

FTM can be accessed through the CASA Self Service portal. You can register for access online.

You must have an Aviation Reference Number (ARN) to register to use the portal. If you have difficulty with the self-registration process, contact the CASA Client Service Centre on 131 757.

What should I do if I have incorrectly confirmed an overall pass/fail result for a flight test?

Once an overall flight test result has been confirmed as pass/fail, this cannot be amended by the flight examiner through the portal. You will need to contact the Client Services Centre on 131 757 to be put in contact with the Flight Testing Office for assistance.

FTM will allow you to change any other details for a flight test that you have already notified, including cancelling the flight test if required.

Why can’t I see the details of an individual’s past test results?

A flight examiner will be able to view flight tests they have previously performed through the ‘search’ function in FTM. Details of these flight tests can be viewed by selecting the relevant test.

A flight examiner notifying a flight test will be alerted on the screen if an individual has previously had a failed test result for a particular flight test, regardless of the flight examiner that performed the test.