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Flight Test Management training tools

To assist you in your transition to Flight Test Management (FTM), the following tools are available to help you learn more about the new system.

  1. eLearning module—Flight Test Management on the CASA Self Service Portal

    The eLearning module is an easy to use, step by step web presentation that will guide you through the log in process, notifying flight tests and entering results. You can also learn how to search, edit, cancel and discontinue a flight test.

    Use the eLearning module by following the numbered icons, or alternatively go straight to the icon that describes the function you would like to know about.

  2. User guide—Flight Test Management on the CASA Self Service Portal

    The flight test management user guide provides step by step instructions for notifying and verifying flight tests, as well as entering results, searching, editing, cancelling and discontinuing a flight test or proficiency check. This document can be downloaded and printed for later use, or keep it open on your screen to help guide you through the system when entering results.