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Flight path safety checks at Goondiwindi, Thargomindah

Special flight safety checks are being carried out at Goondiwindi and Thargomindah aerodromes next week.

The checks are being conducted for the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to make sure new satellite-based flight paths at the aerodromes are safe.

Low level flights will be undertaken at each aerodrome to check the new flight paths.

This will include looking for any obstacles that could be a danger to aircraft using the new flight paths. Obstacles can be towers, trees, masts or buildings that can be a danger to aircraft.

A twin-engine Cessna Conquest aircraft will be used to carry out the safety checks within an area up to 35 kilometres from the aerodromes.

Low-level flying is an essential part of the safety exercise, with the aircraft down as low as several hundred feet at times.

Residents should not be concerned about the unusual flying pattern as it is to ensure the safety of the flight paths.

If poor weather or other factors do not allow the safety checks to go ahead on the planned days they will be carried out as soon as possible.

CASA has contracted the operation of the special check flights out to Corporate Air, one of Australia’s largest and longest established aviation services providers.


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