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Data used in Flight Test Management

Who can use Flight Test Management (FTM)?

All qualified flight examiners use FTM. FTM will also allow Approved Testing Officers (ATOs) that have not transitioned to the Flight Examiner Rating to notify, conduct and report on flight tests.

Part 61.040 approval holders are able to notify, conduct and report on flight tests and proficiency checks. To enable ATOs and Part 61.040 approval holders to use the system, relevant delegations will appear as an endorsement on your online record on the CASA Self Service portal. FTM material that references flight examiners encompasses ATOs and Part 61.040 approval holders.

Flight instructors will continue to use their current paper-based system for flight review notification to CASA and will not be required to use FTM. We are looking to upgrade this process to an online system in the future.

What flight tests are available in FTM?

All flight tests and endorsements previously covered by the Flight Test Notification System (FTNS) portal transitioned to FTM. Approximately 50 flight test types across Aeroplane, Helicopter and Balloon categories are notified and managed in the system.

Do I enter flight reviews in FTM?

No, you do not enter flight review information in FTM. Flight review notification will continue with the current paper-based process.

Why do I need to put in a result for every flight test component for a failed test?

The major steps for conducting a flight test remain the same in FTM as they were in FTNS.

However there are a number of minor changes. This includes the requirement to enter a result for every flight test component when the overall flight test is failed. The options available to enter from a drop down list against each flight test component are ‘satisfactory’, ‘unsatisfactory’, ‘not tested’ and ‘from training record’.

Choosing from these options provides a more accurate record of the components tested in that particular flight test. This data will help inform future flight training and safety education programs.

For ‘passed’ flight tests the system will default all flight test components to a ‘satisfactory’ result, with the ability to amend to other options if necessary.

This approach to capturing component testing results was adopted as a result of feedback from industry during the development and testing phase of the system.

Am I able to access old records stored in FTNS?

Old records from FTNS will be archived through our normal records management practices. Flight test results records (pass/fail) will also be migrated to FTM.

You will be able to view flight tests you have previously performed through the search function in FTM.

An examiner notifying a flight test will see a system alert if an applicant has previously had a failed test result for a particular flight test.

Am I able to request data or print reports of flight tests I have conducted?

Examiners can screen print the list of flight tests listed under their name through using the search function.

FTM does not have the ability to print or download flight test reports in a pdf or word file format. This functionality has been flagged as a future enhancement to the system.

Data requests relating to flight test information not available through the search function in FTM should be directed to the CASA Client Services Centre on 131 757.

How is the data stored in FTM used?

We use the data collected and stored by FTM to monitor the flight testing process at an industry level. This data will be used to analyse trends so that focused flight training and safety education programs and products can be developed. For example, this might include analysing the pass/fail rate for any of the licence and rating flight tests to determine what improvements should be made to relevant training courses.

The data collected in FTM will also allow consolidation of examiner records and flight examinations into one system through the CASA Self Service portal and immediate updates to applicants and examiner records.