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Certified air operators list details

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Legal definition

Under section 27 of the Civil Aviation Act 1988 ("the Act"), an AOC is required for:

  1. flight of an aircraft into or out of Australian territory; and
  2. operation of an aircraft in Australian territory; and
  3. operation of an Australian aircraft outside Australian territory;

where the flight or operation is for a purpose set out in regulation 206 of the Civil Aviation Regulations 1988 (CAR 206).

The purposes prescribed by CAR 206 are:

  1. aerial work purposes, including aerial surveying, aerial spotting, agricultural operations, aerial photography, advertising, flying training, ambulance functions, and similar purposes;
  2. charter purposes, including open charter, ie carriage of passengers or cargo on an ad hoc or non-scheduled basis, and closed charter, ie carriage of passengers or cargo on a flight which is not open to the public; and
  3. regular public transport operations, eg scheduled airline and cargo transport operations.

Adventure flights

An Air Operators Certificate is not required for carriage of passengers in certain operations by limited category (ex-military, historical or replica) aircraft. In addition, under section 27A of the Act, a person may obtain permission from CASA to operate a foreign registered aircraft within Australia without an AOC in certain circumstances.

Recent changes are not listed

Recent changes or new certificates may still be 'in the system'. There may be a delay of week or so between the granting of an AOC and its appearance on these pages.

Not all private holders are listed

Privacy legislation requires us to obtain the permission of persons who hold an AOC before we can publish their name in a list such as this. Companies have no such protection so we are able to list companies.

If you are an individual air operator, and would like your name listed here, contact the CASA Service Centre.

Who to talk to if you have questions about the data

If you have any questions about this list contact the CASA Service Centre.