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CASR Part 21 - Certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and parts

Part 21 of the CASRs was made on 15 July 1998, with certain subparts taking effect on 1 October 1998 and the remainder on 1 December 1998.

Part 21 was developed to deal with the certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and aircraft parts. It includes rules relating to Type Certificates, Type Acceptance Certificates, Supplemental Type Certificates, Production Certificates, Certificates of Airworthiness and export airworthiness approvals. It also covers the approval of aircraft engines, propellers, and certain materials and parts. It calls up the airworthiness certification standards mentioned in Parts 22 through 35:

  • 22 - Sailplanes
  • 23 - Small Aeroplanes
  • 25 - Transport Category Aeroplanes
  • 26 - Primary/Intermediate category aeroplanes
  • 27 - Rotorcraft
  • 29 - Rotorcraft (Transport Category)
  • 31 - Manned free balloons
  • 32 - Engines for Very Light Aeroplanes
  • 33 - Aircraft Engines
  • 35 - Aircraft propellers.

Who Part 21 affects

Part 21 affects anyone in the Australian aviation community involved in the design, manufacture and airworthiness certification of aircraft, aeronautical products and parts.

New rules from 1 March 2014

From 1 March 2014, Subpart 21J will replace the current Instrument of Appointment with organisational approvals. The new rules set out the requirements for approval as an approved design organisation, as well as the associated priveleges and obligations.

Find out more about Subpart 21J.


View the CASR Part 21 history.

Current projects

OS 14/12 - Performance Based Navigation and Reduced Vertical Separation Minima regulatory review

CS 14/04 - Development of airworthiness Aeromedical standards, policy and guidance for medical fit modifications and associated equipment

CS 13/12 - Implementation review of CASR subparts 21.M and 21.J and associated legislation

Current rule

View the current CASR Part 21 - Certification and airworthiness requirements for aircraft and parts

Standards Consultative Committee (SCC)

Certification and Manufacturing Standards Sub-committee.