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CASA's online self-service is changing

The online self-service portal on CASA’s web site is closing in July 2015.

It has been replaced by a new online self-service facility with a range of functions.

Currently CASA’s new online self-service facility allows people to:

  • view their personal details including residential address, contact phone number, and email address
  • view their maintenance personnel, air traffic controller and ground handling licences
  • submit a range of forms online
  • track the status of applications submitted via the new self-service facility.

Extra functions will be added shortly to allow pilots to view their medical certificate information and get the results of licensing theory exams. In the future pilots will be able to view their licence details.

Additional functions will also be added to allow all users to make changes to their personal information.

People who want to use the new online self-service facility need to register. Registration on the old self-service portal cannot be transferred to the new facility.

People also need to make sure CASA has their current email address as this is used as part of the self-service activation process.

Find out more about the new CASA online self-service.

Anyone who has difficulties setting up an account should telephone 131 757 or email clarc@casa.gov.au.

Forms can still be submitted to CASA via email, fax or post.

Media contact:

Peter Gibson

Mobile: 0419 296 446

Email: peter.gibson@casa.gov.au

Ref: MR4915