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CASA online services offline during upgrade

A number of CASA's on-line services will be temporarily unavailable in early July 2015.

The services will be off-line from the close of business on Tuesday 30 June 2015 for up to five working days.

At the latest CASA's on-line services will restart from the opening of business on Wednesday 8 July 2015.

They may be available earlier and CASA will advertise this on its website.

On-line services affected by the upgrade work include the old self-service portal, the new on-line self-service facility, the medical records system, service difficulty reports, the delegate management system, examination bookings or changes and new applications for ASICs.

Anyone who urgently needs any of these services during the time the on-line systems are unavailable should contact the relevant area within CASA by telephone or email. Contact details are shown below.

The services will be unavailable due to work being undertaken to introduce a new IT system to support CASA's day-to-day regulatory activities.

The new system – known as the Aviation Information Management System – is needed because CASA's existing IT platform is simply out of date.

CASA apologises for the inconvenience caused by the unavailability of the systems but once the work is completed it should enhance CASA's service delivery.

The new IT platform will host all personnel licences, all certificates and approvals, aircraft registration and a range of other permissions.

The table below outlines affected systems during the upgrade, impact to users and relevant contact information.

System Impact Enquiries
Old Self Service Portal
  • The old portal will be permanently closed from 5pm eastern standard time 30 June
Phone: 1300 764 781

Email: portal@casa.gov.au

CASA Self Service

  • The new CSS system will be unavailable

Phone: 131 757

Email: clarc@casa.gov.au

Medical Records System (MRS)

  • New online medicals or submissions unavailable for pilots
  • Submissions will be accepted via email

Phone: 131 757

Email: avmed@casa.gov.au

Service Difficulty Reporting (SDR)

  • New online defect submissions unavailable
  • Submissions will be accepted via email or fax

Email: sdr@casa.gov.au

Fax: 02 6217 1920

Delegate Management Notification System (DMNS)

  • DMNS will be unavailable during the system outage for online submissions

Phone: 131 757

Email: delegate.management@casa.gov.au

Aviation Security Identity CARD (ASIC) Aviation ID (AVID)

  • New online submissions for security passes unavailable
  • All existing applications okay to continue processing
  • Submissions will be accepted via email or fax

Phone: 131 757

Email: clarc@casa.gov.au

Pilot Examination Office (PEXO)

  • Previously booked exams can be sat in the period
  • New exam bookings or changes to bookings will NOT be possible
  • Printing of PEXO place cards and KDRs will still be possible

Phone: 02 6217 1665

Email: fcl.exams@casa.gov.au

Media contact:

Peter Gibson

Mobile: 0419 296 446

Email: peter.gibson@casa.gov.au

Ref: MR6515