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CASA to change to meet aviation community needs

Major changes are being made to the way the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is structured to deliver more effective safety regulation and better regulatory services for all sectors of the Australian aviation community.

The changes bring together complementary functions within CASA to more directly meet the safety and regulatory needs of the aviation community.

The changes are a key step in meeting recommendation 21 of the Aviation Safety Regulation Review, which called for a client-oriented organisational model. CASA’s Board has fully endorsed the restructure.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore, said an important goal of the restructure is reducing the time people and organisations in the aviation community need to spend dealing with CASA.

“I have listened to a lot of feedback over the last year and I understand the way CASA interacts with the aviation community at all levels must improve,” Mr Skidmore said.

“This change in structure is a vital step in the process of renewing CASA so that our organisation meets the legitimate safety and regulatory needs of the aviation community while delivering the best possible aviation safety system for all Australians.

“CASA has been consulting widely and often over the past year and now is the time to start delivering real change.

“Part of this real change will be the introduction of more online services to streamline the application, processing and delivery of as many services as possible.

“The restructure will be done in stages between now and the middle of 2016 so regulatory and safety support for the aviation community is not disrupted.

“These changes will streamline CASA’s senior management and give all staff a clearer focus on CASA’s goals and their own tasks.”

The restructure will create three main groups - stakeholder engagement, aviation, and sustainability.

The stakeholder engagement group will bring together all communication functions into one area to ensure CASA’s communication and information is consistent and delivered effectively to all stakeholders.

The aviation group will manage and deliver all collaboration and interaction with the aviation community. This includes entry control, surveillance, regulatory services, standards setting, regulatory development and regulatory implementation.

The sustainability group includes all support functions, both internal and external.


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