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CASA Annual Report 2004-05 - Part 5: Statutory Reporting Requirements

Part 5: Statutory Reporting Requirements

Other major events

Under the Commonwealth Authorities and Companies Orders 2002, CASA must report on any significant changes in accordance with:

  • subclause 10(1)(e) - significant changes in the authority's state of affairs or principal activities that have occurred during the financial year; and
  • subclause 10(1)(f) - developments since the end of the financial year, giving particulars of any matter or circumstance that has arisen and has significantly affected or may significantly affect:
    • the results of those operations in future years or
    • the Authority's state of affairs in future financial years.

The following significant changes and developments have occurred:

The planned introduction of Cost Recovery:

The Australian Government adopted a formal cost recovery policy in 2002 that focuses on the direction government agencies should take to improve the consistency, transparency and accountability of Australian Government cost recovery arrangements, and promote the efficient allocation of resources.

CASA's changes to cost recovery arrangements will commence from 1 January 2006. CASA's functions under the Civil Aviation Act 1988 include the provision of regulatory services to the aviation industry and CASA currently has some limited cost recovery arrangements in place for these regulatory services. Twelve different services are specified under the Civil Aviation (Fees) Regulations 1995 and fees are charged at either a fixed rate for particular services, or at an hourly rate based on the number of hours taken to provide the service. These services are charged across a range of segments in the aviation industry, but predominantly to licence and certificate holders.

The LTFS includes a significant consultation and communications programme for industry. To ensure adequate time is dedicated to the consultation process, the cost recovery implementation programme will be phased in over three years.

Possible impacts of the Uhrig report:

During the reporting period, in line with the outcomes of a report commissioned by the Commonwealth on issues such as governance, financial management and reporting of various government agencies, including CASA, information was provided to the Secretary of the Department of Transport and Regional Services to assist in the consideration of this matter. At the time of reporting, no decisions have been made on whether CASA will adopt the recommendations contained within the report.