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CASA Annual Report 2004-05 - Part 2: Operational Report

Part 2: Operational Report

2004-05 continued to be a year of solid achievement for CASA, in which it consolidated important work begun in previous years, planned for the future and continued the series of reforms commenced by the Chief Executive Officer.

Against this background, uncertain times continued for all involved in the aviation industry, with each sector facing considerable economic and competitive pressures.

These pressures and the availability of new technologies both prompted and provided the opportunity for change. There was ongoing rationalisation and restructuring of the industry in terms of operators, size of operation, types of aircraft used and routes flown. For CASA, this environment was reflected in continuing high demand for regulatory services, the need for new standards, and potentially increased safety risks that required extra vigilance.

This part of the report presents CASA's progress towards its vision of 'Safe Skies for All' against the effectiveness indicators and performance measures contained in the Portfolio Budget Statements.

As well as setting out what was achieved in 2004-05, the report outlines important steps CASA took during the year for better outcomes in the future.