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CASA Annual Report 2004-05 - Part 1: Overview of CASA

Part 1: Overview of CASA

People Management

CASA's approach to people management will emphasise the importance of appropriate values and behaviours in the workplace in achieving the right outcomes for the industry, as well as making CASA an efficient, effective and high-performing organisation.

Key areas of focus for people management activity will include:

  • ongoing development of the CASA values and supporting behavioural framework, to provide further guidance to managers and staff
  • development of management frameworks and capabilities to ensure an alignment between management performance and achievement of organisational goals
  • further development of the CASA performance management arrangements, which will provide a mechanism for regular discussion of individual work programmes aligned to CASA's business outcomes; an important facet of the enhancement to CASA's performance management arrangements is the greater emphasis that will be placed on the values and behaviours exhibited by CASA staff in successfully achieving work programmes that support CASA's goals
  • development of learning programmes focusing on the foundation skills needed for CASA staff to carry out their technical, regulatory and corporate responsibilities.
  • revision of human resource and occupational health and safety policies, procedures and practices, to place greater emphasis on organisational flexibility, greater responsiveness to CASA's business requirements and increased line manager responsibility for people management as well as ensuring employees have a safe and healthy place in which to work.

Supporting initiatives in people management will include:

  • improvement in the service delivery capability for people management in CASA, with a focus on timeliness and clarity of advice on staffing matters
  • development of improved capability in the CASA human resources team to ensure better and more timely human resources outcomes for the organisation, staff and the industry
  • continued implementation of systems and processes which improve delivery of human resources services across CASA.


Supporting CASA people to meet new priorities and to do an even better job is one of the central goals of the reform package announced by CEO Bruce Byron. Mr Byron has specified that additional training for staff is one important step in this area.

Bruce Byron with staff from the Aviation Safety Promotion branch

Bruce Byron meets with staff from the Aviation Safety Promotion branch

Mr Byron has indicated that "Naturally, the cost of training has to be taken into careful consideration, but I believe this is an investment we need to examine closely."

"I have also identified a number of other initiatives that can be developed in the coming months to provide practical assistance to our front line people."

One initiative is using external auditors to pass on knowledge and skills to CASA's inspectors.

From July 2005, external auditors working with CASA will be asked to set aside some time to accompany flying operations and airworthiness inspectors on aviation audits, particularly those involving large organisations.

The experience of these professional auditors can then be passed on in a practical way to CASA staff.

"I know many of our inspectors would like formal training in auditing, but this is going to take some time to filter through to everyone. This is another way to do the same thing, with a focus on the real issues we need to address in aviation audits and surveillance."