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CASA Annual Report 2004-05 - Part 1: Overview of CASA

Part 1: Overview of CASA

Long Term Funding Strategy

It is essential that CASA have a rigorous strategy in place that will ensure greater certainty in its underlying financial position. CASA's Long-Term Funding Strategy (LTFS) is underpinned by efficient and effective fiscal management and by an increase in cost consciousness by all in the Authority.

CASA's total appropriation and other revenue in 2005-06 has decreased by $2.0 million from the estimated actual for 2004-05. This decrease is largely attributable to implementation of the LTFS. The LTFS will achieve a number of significant outcomes, namely:

  • self-sustainability of CASA by 2009 with funding being linked to industry activity
  • no additional cost to government
  • an efficient and effective organisation focused on delivering core value adding services to the industry and government
  • a phased reduction in the level of fuel excise
  • a more equitable cost recovery and funding framework that ensures all organisations benefiting from CASA's activities contribute in some way to its funding
  • industry stimulus will be achieved by increasing the number of activities delegated to industry, thereby enabling qualified industry participants to partner with CASA to ensure safety.