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CASA Annual Report 2003 04 Part 6: Financial reports

Financial statements

Schedule of Commitments as at 30 June 2004

    2004 2003
  Notes $000 $000
By type      
Other Commitments      
Project commitments1   6,169 9,199
Operating leases2   26,527 36,657
Total Cash Received   32,696 45,856
Commitment Receivable   2,972 4,331
Net Commitments   29,724 41,525
Operating Lease Commitments      
One year or less   9,546 9,596
From one to five years   12,206 19,070
Over five years   4,775 7,991
Total Operating Lease Commitments   26,527 36,657
Other Project Commitments      
One year or less   6,169 7,235
From one to five years   - 1,964
Over five years   - -
Total Other Project Commitments   6,169 9,199
Commitment Receivable   2,972 4,331
Net Commitments   29,724 41,525


NB: Commitments are GST inclusive where relevant

1. Other project commitments are primarily contracts for acquisition and configuration of commercial software for new business processes and systems.

2. Operating leases included are effectively non-cancellable and comprise:

Nature of lease General description of leasing arrangements
Lease for office accommodation
  • Lease payments may be subject to annual increase in accordance with upward movements in Consumer Price Index and/or a Market Review;
  • The initial period of office accommodation leases (majority) are still current and each may be renewed for up to 5 years at CASA’s option, following a once-off adjustment of rentals to current market levels.
Motor Vehicles
  • No contingent rentals exist;
  • There are no renewal or purchase options available to CASA.
Lease for provision of information technology infrastructure
  • Lease is in relation to provision of information technology infrastructure, excluding Desktop Workstations, Portable Laptops and Network Printers;
  • IPEX ITG Pty Ltd meets the majority of CASA’s computer equipment and software requirements under the provisions of the Group 8 Services Agreement for an initial period of 5 years ending 30 June 2005 (to be extended by 2x2 at CASA’s option). CASA retained the right under the Service Agreement to source IT&T equipment from other suppliers if deemed appropriate. To date such purchases have been minor.
  • In conjunction with all other Group 8 agencies, CASA has exercised its options to extend its information technology Agreement with IPEX ITG Pty Ltd. The terms and conditions for the 2x2 option beginning 1 July 2005 are yet to be determined and have not been disclosed.

The above schedule should be read in conjunction with the accompanying notes