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CASA Annual Report 2003 04 Part 4: Accountability and external scrutiny

Accountability and external scrutiny

Other review

Office of Regulation Review

CASA has built into its standards development process the regulatory best practice recommendations contained in the Guide to Regulation published by the ORR, which is charged with promoting the Government’s objective of effective and efficient legislation and regulations.

In 2003–04 CASA achieved total compliance with RIS requirements except for one urgent Airworthiness Directive relating to Robinson R22 helicopter safety. Although a RIS was published, final ORR approval was not achieved due to the urgency of the issue.

The ORR otherwise accepted all RISs submitted by CASA as meeting Government requirements and found that an adequate level of analysis has been provided, including assessments of the possible cost impact to industry.


Australian National Audit Office

Freedom of information

CASA was one of six agencies audited to assess the appropriateness of policies and processes for dealing with requests for information under the Freedom of Information Act and compliance with the provisions of the FOI Act.

CASA fared well, with only two minor procedural issues relating to CASA processes being raised in two of the nine recommendations in the report. CASA responded to these recommendations by expanding its FOI Policy Notice to more fully articulate approach, roles and responsibilities, and by amending information about charges in its acknowledgement letter.

Property management

CASA was one of five agencies audited to assess the property management function, including the management of leases. The Australian National Audit Office’s finding for CASA was that its property management services overall effectively support CASA’s business and operations.