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CASA Annual Report 2003 04 Part 3: Corporate report

Corporate report

Senior managers

Bill McIntyre
Executive Manager
Aviation Safety Standards

Arthur White
Acting Executive Manager
Aviation Safety Compliance

Rob Collins
Executive Manager
Aviation Regulatory Services

Sue-Ellen Bickford
Executive Manager
Corporate Services

Ray Comer
Executive Manager
CASA Improvement Program

Betty Edwards
Chief Financial Controller

Nicola Hinder
Acting Executive Manager
Corporate Affairs

Peter Ilyk
General Counsel

Karen Nagle
Risk Manager

Senior management changes during the year

There were two changes in the occupancy of senior management positions during the year. Rob Elder, the former Executive Manager, Corporate Affairs, retired in April 2004. Mike Williams, the former Executive Manager, Aviation Safety Compliance, completed his contract in May 2004. In addition, Betty Edwards was appointed to the newly established Chief Financial Controller position.