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CASA Annual Report 2003 04 Appendices


1. Board and committee members

This appendix contains information about:

  • the former members of the CASA Board, including details of their membership of the Audit and Risk Committee
  • other members of the Audit and Risk Committee.


CASA Board members

Chairman (to 20.10.03) – Edward (Ted) Anson, AM, FIME London, CEng. London, JP

Ted Anson was appointed Chairman on 1 July 2001 for three years and held that position until 21 October 2003 when the Board was abolished. During 2003–04 he was a member of the Audit and Risk Committee until 20 October.

Between April 1999 and June 2001 Mr Anson was Chairman of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. He returned to this position following the end of his term with CASA. He is a former Executive Chairman of ANL Limited and has held senior executive positions in several shipping industry companies including BHP, RW Miller, Howard Smith Industries and James Patrick and Co. He has been a consultant to a number of companies in the shipping industry, in the fields of industrial relations, stevedoring, transport, and port facility rationalisation.

During his term with CASA, Mr Anson was also Deputy Chairman of Australian River Co. Limited, a Board Member of the Australian Industry Development Corporation, a member of Lloyd’s Australia Committee and Chairman of Lloyd’s Register Australian Technical Advisory Committee.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Marine Engineers (London), a Member of the Society of Chartered Engineers, a Member of the Institute of Company Directors and a Justice of the Peace in Queensland (Qualified).


Deputy Chairman (to 30.09.03) – James Kimpton, AM, LLB (Hons), BA, MCIT, FAICD

Mr Kimpton was appointed as Deputy Chairman of CASA on 7 July 1999. He was re-appointed for a further year on 1 July 2002, and again, for a period of three months, on 1 July 2003. During 2003–04 Mr Kimpton chaired the Audit and Risk Committee until the end of his term as Board member on 30 September.

Between 1999 and 2001 Mr Kimpton was a member of the Board of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.

Prior to his appointment to the CASA Board he had been Manager, Aviation Policy (from 1983) and was Advisor Government (from 1998) at Ansett Australia. He has been Chairman of the Australian Air Transport Association and the Board of Airline Representatives.

Between 1996 and 1998 Mr Kimpton chaired the Program Advisory Panel, comprising industry and consumer representatives appointed by the Minister for Transport and Regional Development, to oversee reviews of CASA’s regulatory role and of the regulatory framework program administered by CASA.


Board member (to 30.09.03); Deputy Chairman (01.10.03 to 20.10.03) – Neil Smith, AM, MBE, BE (Aero), FRAeS, FAICD

Neil Smith is the principal of Smith Management and Consulting Pty Ltd. He joined the CASA Board on 30 March 2001 after 39 years in the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). During 2003–04, Mr Smith continued his term as a Board member until 30 September 2003, after which he assumed the position of Deputy Chairman until the abolition of the Board on 21 October 2003.

Mr Smith served as a member of the Board Audit and Risk Committee until 30 September 2003 and as Chair from 1 to 20 October 2003. He then chaired the committee until April 2004.

In his last two Air Force appointments, as Controller of the Logistics Systems Agency and then as Support Commander (Air Force), Mr Smith was responsible for technical airworthiness for all Australian Defence Force aircraft.

As a general list officer, he served three years in personnel in officer career management, spent a year in India at the National Defence College, and commanded RAAF Base Pearce and Support Command (Air Force).

Entering through the RAAF Academy, he completed an engineering degree at Sydney University. His flying experience includes tours on Sabre and Mirage. Mr Smith’s engineering career included appointments in Canberra, Melbourne and London, and the command of the now disbanded 481 Maintenance Wing at Williamtown NSW.

Mr Smith is a member of both the Order of the British Empire and the Order of Australia.


Director of Aviation Safety and Board member (to 08.08.03) – Mick Toller FRAeS, FCIT, FAICD

Mr Toller was appointed as Director of Aviation Safety on 1 July 1998. He was re-appointed on 1 July 2001 for a three-year term but resigned on 8 August 2003.

Prior to his appointment as Director, Mr Toller was involved in civil aviation for over 30 years. Mr Toller had an extensive international airline career with Cathay Pacific Airways, British European Airways, Cyprus Airways and Danair. During a 22-year career with Cathay Pacific, Mr Toller held a number of senior management posts including Deputy Director of Flight Operations.

Mr Toller’s flying experience includes a number of large aircraft types including the Airbus A330, A340, Boeing 707 and 747, Lockheed Tristar, and BAC 1-11. He holds an Australian Air Transport Pilot Licence and Command Instrument Rating, and currently flies a number of small aircraft types, including his personally owned Cessna 303 and Cirrus SR20.


Board member (01.10.03 to 20.10.03); Audit and Risk Committee member (21.10.03 – April 2004) – Peter Yuile

Peter Yuile is Deputy Secretary, Department of Transport and Regional Services.

During his career, Mr Yuile has worked on developing Australia’s trade and economic relations particularly with Asia – this included a period of three years living in Korea where he was the Counsellor (Trade Policy) in the Australian Embassy; worked on corporate management and government relations issues which included spending time in a Minister’s Office as a Departmental Liaison Officer; and been closely involved in natural resource access and management issues (economic, social and environmental) relating to forests and fisheries. He has worked previously in the former Departments of Trade and Primary Industries and Energy, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

As Deputy Secretary in the Department of Transport and Regional Services, Mr Yuile works in support of the Secretary in his leadership and management of the Department across all areas. He has particular oversight responsibility for aviation, transport security, safety and investigations, regional policy and programs, people and performance management.

Bruce Gemmell, Acting Director of Aviation Safety and Board member (09.08.03 to 20.10.03); member of the Audit and Risk Committee (01.12.03 to April 2004)

Mr Gemmell’s curriculum vitae.


Other members of the Audit and Risk Committee

Information about members of the Audit and Risk Committee, other than those who were also members of the former CASA Board, is provided below.

Rob Collins, Member – 21 October 2003 to 30 November 2003

Mr Collins served as a member of the Audit and Risk Committee while acting as CASA's Deputy Chief Executive Officer. In his usual role of Executive Manager, Aviation Regulatory Services Division, he is responsible for the provision of regulatory services, safety promotion and education, and Regulatory Reform Plan implementation.

Mr Collins joined the then Civil Aviation Authority in 1990, following an extensive aviation career that included international airline and general aviation operations. His experience since has included diverse roles as Examiner of Airmen, District Flight Operations Manager, project manager roles, Queensland Regional Manager, Industry Compliance Program Manager, and General Manager, Quality and Internal Audit.

Karen Nagle, BSc (1st Class Hons), MSc, Grad Dip of Defence studies, Member – 22 October 2003 to April 2004

Ms Nagle joined the Civil Aviation Safety Authority as Executive Risk Manager in October 2000. This was a new position established at executive level to introduce and implement a whole of agency approach to risk management.

Prior to this, Ms Nagle had spent over 20 years in the Department of Defence in areas including the Defence Science and Technology Organisation, Force Development Division, Resources and Financial Programs Division and the Defence Intelligence Organisation. Ms Nagle also worked in the former Bureau of Air Safety Investigations with the original human factors group.

Ms Nagle is an Associate Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management, a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, a member of the Australian Institute of Risk Management and a Certified Practising Risk Manager.


Barbara Yeoh, BSc (Hons), Fellow, AICD Chair, Audit and Risk Committee – April 2004 to present

Ms Yeoh is the principal of Barbara Yeoh & Associates Pty Ltd.

Before establishing her own financial consultancy, Ms Yeoh held the position of Director, Corporate Advisory with Oxley Corporate Finance Ltd between 1992 and 2000. This followed six years as General Manager of the Treasury Corporation of Victoria, and two years with the Victorian Ministry of Transport as Assistant Director General, Financial Management, including a period as Acting Deputy Director General. Her early career was spent with Telcom Australia and the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Ms Yeoh is a member of the boards of Southern & Eastern Integrated Transport Authority, Eastern Health and Housing Guarantee Fund Limited. She chairs the Finance and Audit Committee, Finance Committee and Audit and Management Committee respectively of those organisations. In addition, she chairs the Victorian Fisheries Compensation Assessment Panel and the ACT Government Finance and Investment Advisory Board, and is a member of the Commonwealth Fishing Rights Allocation Review Panel.

Ms Yeoh has held numerous previous appointments on a wide range of boards, councils and committees.

She is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Michael Lewis, BA (Hons) Economics, Member, Audit and Risk Committee – April 2004 to present

Mr Lewis was an Executive Director with the Australian National Audit Office from 1993 to 2003. He headed a branch responsible for conducting performance audits within four portfolios, including the Transport and Regional Services portfolio, and in the area of human resource management. As an Audit Manager between 1990 and 1993, he led performance audits on matters including the Diesel Fuel Rebate Scheme and Energy Efficiency in Commonwealth Buildings.

Mr Lewis joined ANAO from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he assisted in a series of efficiency reviews and the introduction of Program Budgeting. Between 1982 and 1987 he worked with the Commonwealth Department of Finance examining budget bids from agencies in the Transport and Communications portfolio.

His early career was in the insurance industry as a broker and underwriter.

Mr Lewis is an Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada and of the Australian Insurance Institute.


Martin Dolan, Member, Audit and Risk Committee – April 2004 to present

Martin Dolan is First Assistant Secretary, Aviation and Airports, Regulatory Group, Department of Transport and Regional Services.

Mr Dolan joined the Australian Public Service in 1980 to work with the government’s overseas aid program, and continued in that field for eleven years. He then moved to the Department of Primary Industries and Energy (later to become the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry). He worked there for ten years, principally in corporate management roles including planning and evaluation, ministerial support, communications and legal services, financial management and corporate services. His final roles were those of Chief Financial Officer and then Head of Corporate Management.

In 2001 Mr Dolan transferred to the Department of Transport and Regional Services. After completing a review of the department’s road programs, he took over management of the Airports Division. He has since been responsible for the department’s role in selling Sydney Airport, the enhancement of aviation security, post-Ansett aviation policy and aviation safety reform. He is currently responsible for the department’s overall role in the regulation of aviation and airports.