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CASA Annual Report 2002 03 Part 5: Corporate management report

Part 5: Corporate management report

Proper use of powers and performance of functions

CASA's objective is to ensure we conduct our activities in accordance with the law, applicable external policies and sound legal principle. We seek to adhere to the principles of legality, fairness, consistency, impartiality and transparency.


Initiatives, developments and issues in 2002–03

Our strategies to meet this objective were developed as part of Critical Success Factor 6 in our Corporate Plan for 2002–03 to 2004–05.

Approach to enforcement

In line with the Government's objectives for reforming CASA's regulatory approach, new enforcement measures were put forward in the Civil Aviation Amendment Bill 2003, which was introduced to Parliament on 27 March 2003. These new measures, currently awaiting Royal assent, will give:

  • industry the assurance of timely and independent review of CASA's decisions to suspend, vary or cancel operating authorisations
  • CASA additional enforcement strategies for dealing with less serious breaches of the regulations.

We undertook considerable preparatory work in anticipation of the new requirements coming into force, including revising the Enforcement Manual and training CASA staff.


Consistent aviation safety regulation

In March 2003, we published the first six of what will be a comprehensive set of aviation 'rulings' covering commonly raised issues. The rulings use plain language to explain CASA's policy and interpretation of safety legislation. They are designed to help people and organisations in industry understand what is required of them, and to help CASA staff with consistent administration.

A draft intranet-based compliance tool to help delegates make regulatory decisions was developed and will be finalised when resources permit.

Legal awareness

CASA continued a program of targeted legal training for staff engaged in compliance and regulatory services activities. This year, courses included practical witness training for Administrative Appeals Tribunal hearings as well as general training in government and aviation law. In addition, we provided a series of legal drafting courses to most of our Area Offices.

Ian Harvey, President Purvis and Adam Anastasi

L to R: Barrister Ian Harvey, AAT Deputy President Purvis and CASA's Adam Anastasi at witness training for CASA staff

We also began raising CASA staff awareness and understanding of legal issues through a series of articles in the internal publication, Casawary, which is published on the intranet.


Review of CASA actions

Statistics on administrative, judicial and other review of CASA's actions are provided in Part 2.

Where to from here

CASA will be devoting significant effort in 2003–04 to ensuring awareness and understanding of the new enforcement measures.

We will continue with training and database tools to help CASA staff pursue our desired approach to regulation.