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CASA Annual Report 2002 03 Part 5: Corporate management report

Part 5: Corporate management report

Commonwealth disability strategy

CASA's operations encompass the typical activities of regulator (with elements of policy adviser), service provider, employer and purchaser.

Regulator and service provider

In 2002–03 CASA contributed to implementing Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport as a member of the Aviation Sub-committee of the Accessible Transport Standards Consultative Committee. We provided input to a review of certain technical issues that were excluded from the Standards pending technical examination.

We further improved the accessibility of regulatory information, regulatory services, safety promotion and participation in the regulatory reform process. Our major focus continued to be making greater and more effective use of electronic technology, particularly the Internet. Work during 2002–03 included:

  • holding an online conference, which allowed people to participate in debate about proposed reforms to flight crew licensing, operations and training regulations through a live and interactive Internet feed
  • introducing an online response system that allows people to submit comments on regulatory reform proposals direct to CASA over the Internet
  • introducing acceptance and processing of applications online
  • publishing searchable details on the CASA web site about AOC and COA holders so people can easily check regulatory information about a particular aviation business
  • introducing a safety management systems page on the CASA web site
  • introducing searchable details about Approved Testing Officers on the CASA web site for people seeking flight tests
  • adding further manuals and other documents to regulatory information provided online.

As well as assistance to members of the aviation industry, our web site provides an array of helpful information, guidance and reference material for members of the travelling public who have disabilities.

Travellers with a disability screen shot from CASA web site

CASA's web site has been assessed as meeting all the World Wide Web Consortium's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines at Level 1 and the majority of Level 2.



CASA's recruitment policy ensures our recruitment advertising does not dissuade people with disabilities who have the necessary experience, skills and qualifications from submitting applications and our selection processes take into account the special needs of applicants so those with disabilities are not disadvantaged.

CASA's 'Building Standards and Performance Requirements for Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Leased Premises' require access for the disabled to be provided to buildings and to all areas of offices in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1428.

In addition, we provide disabled car parking to staff who are suffering from either permanent or temporary disability. In the case of temporary disability, parking is provided for the duration of a period recommended by a medical practitioner.

Our standard office desks and chairs are ergonomically designed to meet Australian Standard AS 4442 and Australasian Furniture Research and Development Institute (AFRDI) standards. We provide special chairs to staff who have particular anatomical differences or who suffer from conditions that make the standard chair unsuitable.


We provide suitable IT equipment and/or software to aid staff with disabilities, though the need did not arise in 2002–03. Contractual arrangements with our IT service provider require support and maintenance of all occupational health and safety and disability assistance equipment associated with desktop computers. Support through the Help Desk can be tailored for staff with special needs by noting an alert for Help Desk staff against the user's name.

CASA will also provide appropriate voice facilities, such as TTY telephones, to any staff members who may need them.

In purchasing furniture, equipment and software to meet special needs, CASA consults with the staff concerned and will seek the advice of relevant organisations, as appropriate.


CASA's procurement policies reflect those of the Commonwealth in general and we comply with all Commonwealth policies and directives relating to anti-discrimination.