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CASA Annual Report 2002 03 Part 3: Corporate governance

Part 3: Corporate governance

Corporate reporting framework

Figure 13: Corporate reporting framework

Figure 13: Corporate reporting framework


Corporate planning

The strategies and initiatives CASA pursued in 2002–03, and the performance measures against which we are reporting, were developed in our rolling triennial corporate planning process.

Our corporate planning focuses on the factors we believe will be critical to our success in:

  • meeting our challenge, which is to lead the aviation community in providing Australia with a world-class air safety environment, which has public trust and confidence
  • achieving our vision of Safe skies for all
  • making an effective contribution to the portfolio outcome of 'A better transport system for Australia'.

CASA submits the corporate plan to the Minister for Transport and Regional Services. The Minister is also advised of any significant changes or matters arising that might significantly affect achievement of the plan's objectives.


Critical success factors

Of the nine critical success factors shown in Figure 13 and set out in the Corporate Plan for 2002–03 to 2004–05:

  • Critical Success Factors 1, 2, 3 and 4 equate directly with the outputs in the Portfolio Budget Statement for 2002–03. These Output Groups – aviation safety standards, aviation safety compliance, aviation safety promotion and aviation regulatory services – represent CASA's core business operations under the Civil Aviation Act 1988.
  • Critical Success Factors 5 to 9 are aspects of corporate management that we identified as critical to supporting the effective and efficient conduct of our regulatory role.


Quarterly performance monitoring

During the year, the CASA Board and the CASA Executive monitored performance against the Corporate Plan through quarterly performance reports. This reporting allows us to continuously review our strategic priorities as circumstances require.

In 2002–03, resource constraints arising from our budgetary shortfall, major project requirements and a high regulatory workload resulted in decisions to postpone or devote less effort to a number of lower priority initiatives, including some planned performance measurement activities. Such decisions are noted in the performance reporting contained in Part 4 and Part 5.

Position report poster

This poster was created to give staff information about CASA operational and financial performance indicators. The design is based on the style of an aircraft cockpit, with the controls used to show the elements that guide and direct CASA.


Performance reports

CASA's performance in relation to our core business operations is reported in Part 4. This performance report relates to the strategies and measures for Output Groups 1 to 4 set out in CASA's Portfolio Budget Statement for 2002–03. Some targets were added to performance measures in our Corporate Plan for 2002–03 to 2004–05, which was completed and published after the Portfolio Budget Statement.

Part 5 provides our report against the support strategies and initiatives set out in our Corporate Plan for 2002–03 to 2004–05.

For the convenience of the reader, performances measures reported in the Performance Scorecard in Part 1 are repeated under the output group or corporate management issue to which they relate.