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CASA Annual Report 2002 03 Part 1: Overview of CASA

Part 1: Overview of CASA

Major Work undertaken during 2004–05

Major projects on CASA's desk during the year included:

  • the Regulatory Reform Programme and its implementation
  • the National Airspace System
  • ongoing implementation and review of the new enforcement provisions
  • the introduction of photographic pilot licences accompanied by background checking planning for the commencement of the Office of Airspace Management
  • the Australian Air Traffic Management Strategic Plan
  • introduction of cost recovery in line with Government policy
  • planning for the introduction of the Canberra Licensing and Registration Centre
  • increased engagement and involvement with members of the aviation industry
  • planning towards 'Building a New CASA'
  • reviewing and confirming CASA's industry sector priorities; and
  • the finalisation of the CASA Improvement Programme and the delivery of the Aviation Industry Regulatory System (AIRS).

A number of these projects had a high public profile and all involved a significant cross-CASA and/or cross-agency effort.