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Call to Launceston aviators – shape the flying future

Launceston’s aviation community is being called on to play a key role in updating and improving Australia’s aviation safety regulations.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority wants to hear from everyone involved in aviation in Launceston and northern Tasmania on the best way to implement important new safety rules.

A special meeting is being held this week in Launceston to give local aviators the opportunity to have their say.

New safety regulations are coming in areas such as flight rules, air transport operations, sports aviation and limited category aircraft operations.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore, said a key to the success of the new regulations will be sound implementation and transition plans.

“I fully accept that in the past CASA has made mistakes when implementing new regulations,” Mr Skidmore said.

“I am determined to do my best to avoid regulatory implementation mistakes in the future and so I want to hear from Launceston’s aviation community now on the best way forward.

“I want to hear ideas on the timing of the introduction of new regulations, possible alternative ways to introduce and transition to new rules, what assistance is needed from CASA and the capacity for the aviation community to manage regulatory change.”

The Launceston meeting is the first of a series of seven consultation meetings being held around the nation in September and October.

The meeting is being held at the Best Western Launceston from 4pm to 5:30pm on Tuesday 8 September 2015.

People attending are asked to register on the CASA web site.

Peter Gibson
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