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Annual Report 2005 06: Staffing status report

Staffing status report

Terms and conditions of employment

CASA staff are employed under the employment powers vested in the CEO of CASA by the Civil Aviation Act. The terms and conditions of most staff are prescribed in the CASA Certified Agreement 2006–08. The terms and conditions of other staff are contained in Australian Workplace Agreements or common law employment contracts.

At 30 June 2006, 91.5% of CASA staff were employed under the CASA Certified Agreement, and 8.5% under Australian Workplace Agreements and common law contracts. CASA also had a number of service contractors and persons temporarily engaged through employment agencies. A small number of invigilators were engaged on a casual employment basis to oversee examinations.

CASA staff have access to salary packaging and superannuation fund choice as allowed or required by legislation. All staff have access to paid annual and personal leave, paid Christmas closedown, and study assistance. In addition, where it is operationally viable, staff have access to a range of non-salary benefits including purchased-leave arrangements, flexible working hours and home-based work.

CASA provides access for staff to a confidential Employee Assistance Program. The program supports staff in the proactive resolution of work-related or personal problems that could affect their performance and wellbeing.

Staffing profile

At 30 June 2006, CASA had 672 staff. This number included 105 staff engaged on a temporary basis, most of whom had been engaged to assist the CASA Licensing and Registration Centre to process applications for the Aviation Security Identity Card. Figure 15 shows the staff profile.

Of the 672 staff employed at the end of the financial year:

  • 97.47% were full time and 2.53% were part-time
  • 69.35% were male and 30.65% were female
  • 9.95% identified themselves as belonging to an Equal Employment Opportunity group
  • 42.55% were under 45 years of age and 57.45% were 45 years of age or older
  • 53.57% were employed in Canberra and 46.43% were employed in regional locations.

Figure 15 – Staff profile, 2005–06

Staff profile, 2005–06

Unplanned absences

CASA had an average of 6.99 days unplanned absence per employee in 2005–06. This result is above the Australian Public Service average of 5.82 days per employee.

Staff turnover

In 2005–06, CASA’s total rate of staff turnover (voluntary and involuntary) for permanent staff was 16.76%, in part a reflection of the restructure, and only slightly above the Australian Public Service average of 14.59%. The underlying voluntary turnover rate was 14.59% (see Figure 16).

Figure 16 – Staff turnover, 2001–02 to 2005–06 (%)

Staff turnover, 2001–02 to 2005–06

Note: Australian Public Service average is 14.59. Data includes only permanent staff.