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Annual Report 2005-06: Senior management team

Senior management team

Mr Gary Harbor
Mr Gary Harbor, Head of Human Resources
Ms Betty EdwardsMs Betty Edwards, Chief Financial Officer
Dr Jonathan Aleck
Dr Jonathan Aleck, A/g Group General Manager, Legal Services
Mr Patrick MurrayMr Patrick Murray, Group General Manager, Air Transport Operations
Mr Rob Collins
Mr Rob Collins, Group General Manager, General Aviation Operations
Dr Graham EdkinsDr Graham Edkins, Group General Manager, Personnel Licensing, Education and Training
Mr Greg Vaughan
Mr Greg Vaughan, General Manager, Manufacturing Certification and New Technologies Office
Mr Chris FarrelleyMr Chris Farrelley, Chief Information Officer, Information Services Group
Mr Peter Boyd
Mr Peter Boyd, Head, Planning and Governance Office


Senior management changes during the year

There were a number of changes in CASA’s senior management during 2005–06, principally as a result of the organisational restructure that took place in July 2005.

The new members of CASA’s senior management are:

  • Dr Graham Edkins (Group General Manager, Personnel Licensing, Education and Training)
  • Mr Chris Farrelley (Chief Information Officer)
  • Mr Patrick Murray (Group General Manager, Air Transport Operations)
  • Mr Greg Vaughan (General Manager, Manufacturing, Certification and New Technologies Office)

Mr Peter Ilyk (General Counsel) left CASA during the reporting period.

New positions

Mr Arthur White was appointed as CASA’s inaugural Industry Complaints Commissioner.

Mr Peter Boyd took up appointment as Head of the new Planning and Governance Office.

A new position, Deputy Chief Executive Officer Strategy and Support, was created. It is expected that the position will be filled in September 2006.

Management structure

As part of the ‘Building a New CASA’ reforms described in last year’s annual report, the high-level organisational structure of CASA was remodelled to align CASA more closely with the operations of the aviation industry. The new structure was implemented on 1 July 2005.

Further changes were made to CASA’s structure in 2005–06. Those changes included the establishment of the Planning and Governance Office (PAGO) in November 2005 and the Industry Complaints Commissioner in February 2006.

Figure 14 – CASA’s organisational structure at 30 June 2006

organisational structure at 30 June 2006